Strategic advice, not software sales

Teiss is a specialist cyber security training and advice company.

We provide:

Your organisation is likely to face many strategic challenges around cyber security. We will help you make the most of your technological cyber defences by:

  • Uncovering the different threats to your organisation, from employees, third parties, and external hackers, and defining how to use internal processes and organisational culture, as well as technology, to defend against them
  • Identifying and classifying the key information you should protect, because you can't protect everything
  • Analysing the potential damage from information leaks, not just financial but also reputational and strategic, and developing appropriate cyber risk appetite statements that can be used to underpin investment and management decisions
  • Evaluating the trade-off between cyber security and organisational efficiency, and ensuring that your cyber security processes are not frustrating for end users
  • Empowering your employees with the right knowledge and motivation to keep your organisation cyber secure
  • Putting in place processes that will enable your organisation to be resilient in the face of a cyber security breach

Protecting corporate data and information should not just rely on technology. Organisational and human factors can have a major effect on your organisation's security. Teiss can help you understand these factors, and increase your organisation's security levels without buying expensive software.

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Cyber security services

Teiss provides cyber security training and advice, focussing on business strategy, robust processes and strengthening organisational culture.

Skills development

We develop the skills and knowledge-base of the specialists in your organisation who share responsibility for cyber security

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Employee training

Face-to-face and online techniques that give your employees the knowledge needed to behave cyber-safely, at home and at work

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Coaching for the C Suite

We can coach your senior executives with the knowledge and techniques they need to oversee cyber security

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Cyber strategy

We ensure that you understand the real threats to your organisation and how to prioritise your actions

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Usable processes

We help you to design cyber security processes that work with, and not against, operational efficiency

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Awareness and motivation

We deliver campaigns designed to keep your employees aware of risks and motivated to behave cyber-safely

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